Simplify your cleaning

It is time to modernize your paw cleaning. Electric, Rechargable & Easy to use! Customized for all paws with 3 different size options. Product is made to feel pleaseant for your pets paws. Your house continues to be clean and your pets healthy with the Pawsy Pro.

Soft Removable Silicone Brush

The Pawsy pro comes with a detachable and paw friendly silicone bristle that is soft, gentle and durable.

We have made it as easy as possible for you to clean the Pawsy Pro, just pull the bristles out easily with the hand and wash it with water or detergent to prepare for the next cleaning session.

  • Review: Anna Karin from Sweden, Stockholm.

    What I like about this device is the improved hygiene it provides. Regular use of the Pawsy Pro has noticeably reduced the dirt and bacteria my pet brings into the house. It's a relief knowing that I can maintain a cleaner environment for both my pet and my family.

  • Review: Gabrielss, UK.

    I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Pawsy Pro, and I must say it has been a complete game-changer in maintaining my pet's paw cleanliness, and this innovative device has exceeded my expectations.

  • Review: John Kenneth from USA, Louisiana.

    The efficiency of the Pawsy Pro is truly impressive. Its gentle and soft brushes effectively remove dirt, mud, and other debris, leaving my dog's paws squeaky clean. I was amazed at how easy the cleaning process is.